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Group A Streptococcus: what clinicians & the public should know

I recently had a couple of really enjoyable teaching opportunities that I thought I'd share:

  1. Being asked to write a public-facing news story for The Conversation on the ongoing Group A streptococcus outbreak in the UK. If you haven't come across The Conversation before, please check it out (and maybe even pitch them an article!). It's an independent source of news analysis written by academics, with topics ranging from science, to politics, to arts and culture, and everything in between.

  2. I also had a great time recording an episode as a guest host on Febrile, my absolute favourite Infectious Diseases podcast (full disclosure: I'm still slightly star-struck at meeting Febrile's amazing host, Dr Sara Dong!). Again, the topic was the ongoing Group A streptococcus outbreak in the UK, but this time the target audience was fellow infectious diseases trainees and other clinicians.

So much of what we do as doctors is about communicating with others - colleagues, patients, and the wider public. I'm still working hard at honing my voice for each of these groups, and having to prepare two very different communications pieces on the exact same topic was a really excellent skill-building exercise.

Group A streptococcus is a serious and common infection, responsible for over half a million deaths per year worldwide. Please check out the podcast episode to learn about the management of this important topic. And have a look at the Conversation article for a bite-sized summary that might be helpful when communicating with patients who are understandably concerned about the ongoing Group A Strep outbreak.


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